Reminders: Renewals, SEP, Contacts and FAQs

Exchange Producer Licensure

As a reminder, 2019 Federal Training for Exchange Producers is now available for license renewal. Now is the time to apply for renewal of your Exchange Producer license for 2019 and to pay your $35 renewal fee.

Only Federal Training (now available) and application/renewal fee are required. There are no requirements for State Training and background checks for license renewals. Exchange Producer licensure is now all online and easier to complete.

Simply visit the Arkansas Health Insurance Marketplace (AHIM) website by clicking here. Then, simply scroll down the page to the section addressing Renewal Assister Licensure and follow the steps-by-step instructions. Links to Federal Training and the application for license renewal are included.

Special Enrollment Opportunities

Please keep in mind that, though 2018 Open Enrollment has ended, some individuals still qualify for enrollment for health coverage as a special enrollment. The Special Enrollment Period is open to individuals who have experienced a major life event that affects their family size, location, income or other significant life adjustments, qualifying life events. These individuals generally have 60 days after the date of the qualifying event to apply for special enrollment. You can find more information on qualifying life events and the Marketplace Special Enrollment Period on the AHIM website, or by clicking here.

Through the Marketplace your clients can access comprehensive, affordable health insurance, provided by major Arkansas carriers. Premium costs vary in relationship to household size and income, meaning plans are affordable for most Arkansans. All Marketplace plans are guarantee issue with full benefits beginning on the first day of coverage.

Helpful Contacts and Information

AHIM understands the importance of knowing where to turn for information when you need it. That’s why we’d like to remind you of the concise and helpful list of key contacts who you may wish to turn to with specific questions. The list of key contacts can be found as the first item on the resources page of the AHIM website, at, or it can be downloaded by clicking here.

You might also want to check out the CMS website for agents/brokers, which provides answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs), for your convenience. Access it by clicking here.

Countdown to Open Enrollment

Just an additional reminder that Open Enrollment is not that far off. We have a countdown of important steps for you to take between now and November. Check it out by clicking here.

As always, I am available to provide information or assistance that enables you to best serve the needs of your clients. Feel free to contact me at or (501) 246-1527.

Thank you,
Bruce Donaldson, CHC
Broker/Navigator Outreach Manager
Arkansas Health Insurance Marketplace