Federal Training Closes Monday, June 18

Dear Agent/Broker:

2018 Federal Training is still open and is required for initial licensure and for licensure renewal. However, the 2018 Federal Training platform will close at 6:00 pm (EST) on Monday, June 18, with the 2019 Federal Training platform opening sometime in July. During this “go-dark” period, assisters will not be able to access the Federal certification training. Again, CMS anticipates that the 2019 Assister Certification Training will be available sometime in July. We will advise you as soon as the specific date for opening of the 2019 Federal Training platform is announced. Don’t forget to complete this requirement for plan year 2019 licensure, before September 30, 2018, to avoid a late fee. For more information on agent/broker/assister licensure, visit the Training Portal on AHIM’s website.

Stay Connected

We are very interested in finding ways to stay connected with agents/brokers/assisters across the state. Toward that end, I’d ask that you take just a minute or two to complete a very brief survey related to your use of social media. This will be very helpful input as we work to improve our communications with you. The survey can be accessed by clicking here.

As always, I am available to provide information or assistance that enables you to better serve the needs of your clients. Feel free to contact me at bruce.donaldson@armarketplace.com or (501) 246-1527.