2019 Federal Training Platform Availability

In an effort to help keep you informed as we lead up to the November 1 Marketplace Open Enrollment Period, let me offer some additional information which I hope that you find helpful.

Opening of 2019 Federal Training Platform

The 2019 CMS Federal Training Platform is now open and available to you. However, let me again highlight the fact that you can only make application for licensure renewal and pay the renewal fee 50 days out from the date that your license expires - September 30, 2018. What that means is, if you apply for license renewal and pay your renewal fee before August 11, 2018, the Arkansas Insurance Department (AID) will require that you reapply within the 50-day window.

While, you can take Federal Training anytime you wish, it is our recommendation that you wait until after August 11, 2018 to make application for renewal of your license for 2019 in order to avoid having to reapply within the prescribed 50-day window.

Again, the Federal Training Platform is now open, however you should observe the AID stipulation that applications for 2019 license renewal be made no more than 50 days prior to expiration of your 2018 license.

The Federal Training Platform can be accessed using the following links -
New users: click here
For existing users: click here

As always, I am available to provide information or assistance that enables you to best serve the needs of your clients. Feel free to contact me at bruce.donaldson@armarketplace.com or (501) 246-1527.